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The Indian real estate sector spends less than 1.5% of its revenues on technology, of which only about 0.7% goes into technology assisting construction and project management. In the recent past, innovation in newer construction technologies has been observed to help counter diminishing margins, low productivity, labour shortages, longer delivery timelines, inferior quality, safety concerns and sustainability gaps.

PropTech, is the unification of technology with property, to build, sell and manage real estate assets smartly and effortlessly. The real estate industry has been infusing technology to improve efficiency and quality. The turn of the 21st century witnessed the first digital initiative in the real estate sector with the arrival of online listing platforms, which revolutionized the process of search and discovery.

Watch our Insights on Affordable Housing in India presented at our H@ART Conference, 2019.

At the heart of the H@ART program is HDFC Capital’s intent to foster collaboration between Affordable Housing Developers and Technology Innovators . HDFC Capital believes that Technology will play a significant role in achieving India’s “ Housing for All Goal” by speeding up construction cycles , optimizing spaces, controlling cost and innovative marketing.