Our Impact

  • ~40% of homes priced below $50,000

  • Development of ~12,000 rehabilitation homes

  • Built environment for ~215,000 homes

  • Creating business for ~35,000 MSMEs

  • Creating employment for ~300,000 labourers

The well being of the community and its future is directly influenced by the environmental sustainability. To achieve sustainable development, it is imperative to bring about substantial transformations in the construction and management practices of our urban spaces.

We at HDFC Capital believe that creating sustainable impact by fostering collaboration in affordable housing through technology intervention. Through our ESG framework, we aim to bring sustainability at the center of affordable housing development in the country.


Under our ESG framework, we aim towards environmental, social and governance-related issues being given due weightage in the investment decision-making process.

In line with our vision to sustainably address the need for an affordable housing ecosystem in India, we have taken several initiatives.

Sustainable Living

~57% of units financed cater to EWS and LIG that promote inclusive, resilient, and affordable housing.


Driving reduced dependence on new material at our projects to limit waste and fight climate change.

Conserving Resources

Supporting a water management company under the H@ART Program, which is helping save 6.94 billion litres of water annually, as of June 2023.

Inclusive Growth

Nurture supply chain financing innovators under the H@ART Program to support real estate MSMEs.

Partnering Innovation

Foster growth of real estate technology start-ups under the H@ART Program.

Sustainable Initiatives

An overview of various initiatives across some of our projects.

  • Transition from CFL to LED
  • Roof top solar project
  • Integrated townships to reduce carbon footprint
  • IGBC LEED certification
  • Aluminium formwork technology to reduce use of concrete
  • Tree plantation drives onsite
  • Retaining water bodies in landscape
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Dual piping for recycled wastewater
  • India’s First Concrete Plastic Road
  • Single-use Plastic Free site campaigns
  • Reuse of treated STP water
  • Fly ash bricks, reusing TMT scrap
  • Organic waste converter for compost
  • Lower priced units relative to conventional projects in the micro market
  • Access to better health and social infrastructure
  • Preservation of biodiversity

Policy Commitments


Manage project risk and compliance


Drive and sustainability through Leadership


Evaluate E&S Risks & Impact


Periodically Monitor E&S performance & risks


Promote environment & social practice at projects


Compliance with E&S regulations and standards


Transparent communication and reporting